The Vibe is a Rhythmic Practice

The Vibe is a Rhythmic Practice

In theVibe, we practice a series of repeating, rhythmic exercises. We use drums or our feet & hands or our breath, our bodies, our voice, our surroundings, anything. We are all drummers whether in our personal practice, in a drum group or in a classroom.

Like in yoga or meditation, we practice theVibe as a way to calm the mind and grow in awareness of our body through repetitive, rhythmic patterns that both stimulate and regulate.

here is an example of our daily practice

somatosensory exercises, rhythmic classroom interventions, mindful regulation techniques

We teach and facilitate during, what we call, Vibe Sessions.

Vibe Sessions are interactive drum experiences including (but never limited to):

  • Drum Circle Groups
  • Large Group / Be the Jam
  • Classroom Learning Strategy
  • Rhythmic Brain Breaks
  • Music Therapy
  • School Band Drum Jam
  • Choir Practice Takeover

These experiences range in size and schedule. Some are just a thing we do every year with an elementary school or church choir. Our therapeutic drum circle groups meet every week or every month. While some schools choose to have teachers trained in the basic daily practices designed especially for the classroom.

We Make Fun Videos

simple at-home practices

fun songs to jam along to

on simple idea, endless possibilities

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