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We are busy this summer writing and recording new songs, videos, games and rhythmic practice to better assist teachers, counselors, students and parents in creating a healthy, rhythmic environment for learning.

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interested in a live Vibe experience?

somatosensory exercises, rhythmic classroom interventions, mindful regulation techniques

we teach and facilitate during, what we call, Vibe Sessions.

Vibe Sessions are creative, interactive experiences like…

Classroom Rhythm + Regulation Training

The Vibe Music Class (featured in video above)

Weekly Drum Circle Groups

Music + Movement + Mindfulness

Large Group Events + Conferences

Interactive Music Performance

These experiences range in size and schedule. Some are just a thing we do a few times a year with an elementary school or church choir. Our therapeutic drum circle groups meet from as much as every week to once a month. Some schools choose to have teachers trained in the basic daily practices designed especially for the classroom, other schools prefer to have us come in as a monthly music class for each grade level.

Let’s start a Vibe!