Music is such a unifying form of communication.

It breaks down language barriers, brings back memories, stirs up feelings. As a college student, I was inspired with the idea that all kids, no matter their location or living situation, should have music and self expression in their lives. For the last 11 years, I’ve searched for the opportunity to bring this vision to life in some way and I believe the classroom is a great place to start.

Before he was a ChildTrauma Academy fellow, Steve Graner (my dad) asked me if I could come up with rhythm patterns that he could use in his 7th and 8th grade english classes. He wanted to teach simple lessons like weekly vocabulary words in a way that would be both fun and successful. This request led to the creation of “the vibe” rhythm pattern and the first vibe lesson. Using “two beat” definitions in a call and response style, the classes practiced their vocabulary words while performing the vibe rhythm pattern. Significant increases in vocabulary test scores were evidence that this rhythmic learning was working.

I look forward to being inspired further by the students and teachers who use the vibe project tools.  I am so excited to see these ideas in action!